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"I am super happy with the quality, really well done!!!"

Beatrice Dodi @ BDODI

"I like the quality and thanks for soldering the ear pins/stems, they look ok, and they feel solid and resistant."

Hugo @ Hugo Madureira Jewellery

"This is a fantastic app for my design business. It integrates easily with Shopify store. Takes a lot of the stress out of manufacturing and distribution. 10/10 would recommend."

Morgan @ Printed Obsession

"Before we get to the release itself for this month, I finally got the test prints from TheShop3D. <..> am actually very impressed with their resin material <...> All the more reason, one feels, to look at TheShop3D<...>"

Alex @ Aotrs Shipyards

Just picked up the package with the jewlery they look great. <...> I got some new items coming your way later today. "

Mathias @ Ravnsgård Smykker

"Thank you very much for the amazing ring <...> The size is just perfect!"

Ola @ Shekhtwoman

"Buildings arrived today and they are awesome. <....> The hexes look amazing."

Robert @ Modular Games HQ