3D Printing API for Museums and Galleries
In the world of growing art interests and trends of increasing art accessibility we offer a perfect solution for an art institution

3D Printing + an Art Institution = World of Opportunities

Unique Merchandise

Whether The Museum or Gallery would like to sell personalized/custom items based on their brand identity or the art they have in the collection On-Demand 3D printing is a brilliant solution opening wide horizons for the range of the products

Collaborations with Artists

Products created in collaboration with artists a Gallery or Museum work with, endorse and support always find great responds from the audience. Why not to enhance this collaboration with fascinating abilities of On-Demand 3D printing?

Learning and Accessibility

Art plays a very important role in education and 3D printing is a way to share it with the young fans or educational institutions. It's also a way to improve access to art for people with visual impairments

Art Preservation and Restoration

Having a model of the piece of art which is way to tangible to be displayed or copied in the traditional way is a big responsibility. 3D printing technolgies will help a Museum or a Gallery to preserve and secure this art piece

Art Sharing and Repatriation

Let the wider audience see the art piece deserved to be seen. 3D printing will also allow to provide access to the art piece copy for original owner, community or nation, where the piece has been gone for a while from

Added Value at No costs

Shop3D API is available without the costly set-up or initial investments - extra revenue stream for a Museum or a Gallery without spending any funds

Quick and Easy

Shop3D API is extremely easy to install and set up - if anything goes wrong our dedicated team is always here to help you

Order Samples

Experience quality before going ahead. No false promises! Samples available for all the materials for any of your products
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