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Shop3D is the world's first and yet unique 3D printing manufacturing plugin. Shop3D built an On Demand Manufacturing software so that you can focus on what you love most: designing beautiful products. The plugin takes care of manufacturing. It's really your factory in a button. With shop3D you can start selling physical products worldwide from your digital 3D files. the plugin automatically process your files into physical products via our software and worldwide manufacturing capacity. Shop3D is your Manufacturer in the Cloud partner.
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Manufacturing On-Demand

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Create your designs from scratch


Drop-shipping and Fulfillment

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The new standard for true on-demand manufacturing

Drag and Drop simplicity.

Sell hundreds of customised print-on-demand products globally within minutes.

Zero inventory

No minimum orders, no fuss, no boundrys, Local manufacturing and worldwide fulfilment.

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Our Features

On demand figurine / tabletop games solutions

Bring your characters and designs to life with our plug in! Create a genuine product for your site to then be purchased, printed and shipped ether direct to your client or to yourself without the need for storage of product, investment in stock and to be able to have that flexibility to produce on-Demand and exactly to your clients preference.
Our Features

On demand manufacturing for galleries and museums solutions

Galleries have a vast amounts of works in storage. Using Galleries can now utilise the world of 3D Printing and 3D scanning to encapsulate your products digital and to share the appreciation across the world. There are two methods to setting up if you are an Gallery 1) You produce the CAD (3D) files of your pieces or 2) we can help with 3D scanning the product ourselves which will create an 1:1 digital file of the piece ready to be uploaded to the
Our Features

On demand manufacturing for jewellery companies

Jewellery companies have a vast amounts of works in storage. Using Jewellery companies can now utilise the world of 3D Printing. Our 3D Printing Tool will instantly allow you to offer true On-Demand Manufacturing in the most demanded of materials:

-18K Yellow Gold
-18K Red Gold
-18K White Gold
-Platinum / Ruthenium
-14K Yellow Gold
-925 Sterling Silver
-SLS Nylon