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Ready to launch or just setting up? We have a dedicated team in place to handle your Kickstarter or Crowd Funding campaign from start to finish, including; 3D Modelling from scratch, On-Demand Manufacturing, Bulk production and fulfilment.

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We have worked towards the perfect balance of Price/ Quality and have competitive rates across all our services.


Laser focused manufacturing with a high attention to detail. Rest assured we quality control every piece, twice.

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We are experienced with grass-roots as well large full scale production so please get in touch if you have a project in mind

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On demand figurine / tabletop using 3D Printing

Our 3D Printing covers all essentials including Grey Resin and FDM materials but we also offer a much larger range that other companies may not include such as Transparent Resin, Full Colour capabilities and Metal 3D Printing. All of our 3D Printing is produced on industrial grade printers with immaculate resolution and we place/ remove support, cure and prime your models all in one complete service. Ideal for under 500 pieces but this can vary from project to project.
Our Features

On demand manufacturing using Casting

Using the very latest technology in Silicone Casting our Grey Resin production is ideal for around 500-1000 miniature sets but again this can vary from project to project. Within our Casting quote we provide a complete breakdown of pricing which includes all stages from 3D printing the initial master, creating a metal master from our own unique metal alloy that we have built for miniatures (that you wont find anywhere else), creating the tooling and then production runs
Our Features

On demand manufacturing for Injection Molding

Injection Molding, the big daddy and most ideal for 1000+ sets.. within Injection Molding we are focused on ABS, HIPS and PVC which gives us a great understanding for a lot of tabletop pieces and bringing them to market. Our workflow within Injection Molding is very strict.. we will 3D print you a highly detailed 0.05m+- prototype and await the greenlight from the client before the full production run. We can work with both STL & STP files.

Materials We Use

White PLA 3D Printed


Steel 3D Printed


ABS injection Mould


Grey Resin 3D Printed


Brass & Bronze casting


HIPS injection Mould


Full Color 3D Printed


Grey Resin Casting


PVC injection Mould


Drop-Shipping and fulfilment service

Our Features

Fulfilment & Drop-Shipping Services

It is completely up to you if you would like us to fulfil your campaign or if you have a pledge manager that you are dealing with but we do offer a comprehensive fulfilment package when needed. Operating both sides of the Atlantic we offer compelling international rates and personalised Packaging options to add fuel to your fire which includes leaflets and printed boxes.
Our Features

Personalised Packaging

Whitelabel Shipping Solutions, Customized packaging for all your dropshipping and other business needs. Stickers or marketing inserts can be included with any of the above offerings. Strengthen your brand by sharing more info about your business and delighting your customers with stickers.
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