3D Printing API
for Table Top Miniatures and Figurines
Don't need to roll the dice no more, we know what's your next move should be - start benefiting from our drop-shipping on-demand 3D printing services for your models hassle free!
Shop3D API has multiple benefits for table top enthusiasts and professionals, just like you

Step up your Game 😉

What's in it for you?
No Hassle
Shop3D API is extremely easy to install and set up - if anything goes wrong our dedicated team is always here to help you
Turn your hobby or second job into a thriving business, without the costly set-up or initial investments
Global and Local
No matter where you and your community are, our worldwide manufacturing facilities for reduced costs in production, shipping and lower lead times.
Quality Control
Experience quality yourself before going ahead. Samples available for all the materials for any of your files

Multi - Platform

Shop3D API is already available for Shopify and WordPress. Etsy and Wix are to launch next
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Wide range of materials

On Shop3D we offer you varieties of materials such as Nylon, Grey Resin, Multi-colour resin and many more. Various materials, technologies and printers bed sizes to make sure we can achieve the best results with your requirements - Click here to find out more!
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Larger Batch Production

We are here to make your life easier with on-demand manufacturing, but if large quantities of your table top miniatures and figurines required we got your back. We offer high quality Injection Moulding and Casting - the more the better
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Your Custom products you can drop ship with Shop3d

3D Printed and shipped on demand under your brand