Digital Inventory & Workflow Automation Software.
Empower, Streamline and scale your manufacturing using Shop3D MFG automation software that helps You Sell More, Instantly. With state-of-the-art digital inventory tools that enable you to process large amounts of quotes every day, helping you win more new customers. Perfect for additive manufacturing.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

If you want manage machine, utilization optimisation and improved AM quality assurance, you need a smooth, digital production workflow. MES gives you the tools to begin your AM journey and unlock the full potential with automatic tracking.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

PLM tools include Digital Part Inventory and Digital warehousing. shop3d MFG has modules to store AM data in order to synchronise files with production requirements and communication throughout the AM value chain.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

All the manufacturing & Workflow Automation tool you need to make it easy for customers to browse and shop your 3D printing services
Order management
Detailed order view including parts, method of payment, technology, accounting system integration, order status to inform customers, customer information
Project management
General overview of ongoing projects and also of each customer project Detailed view of project with possibility to have constant conversations with customer. This includes manual and instant quoting.
Production management
Easy view of all printers on your production floor Schedule builds, Easy reports on QC of successful and unsuccessful printed parts.
Post-processing management
Possible to set up simple or a combination of post-processing techniques.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Digital Inventory & Digital Warehouse Push spare parts or product catalogue to your intranet or internet, and allow customers or Business Units, to quickly place orders
E-commerce integration
Ready built E-commerce integration in to the world biggest platfrom such as shopify, Wordpress, Magento and many more
Price Algorithm
Our price algorithm helps you to have the right price for your product.
API integration
Shop3d has a full API that can be integrated to your intranet or other systems.
Part Catalogue
Create and store your spare parts for easy ordering process. This can be used for end-use customers or business units.

Digital Inventory

A simple back end solution for all the Digital Inventory files.
More Features

Do you have VIP Customers?

Shop3D MFG has developed many other features such as automatic PO and a manufacturing Project board.
More Features

Marketing tools

Shop3d MFG is developing tools that will allow you to have true on demand manufacturing with your current and new customers.

Other Features

Instant Pricing Tool (IPT)
Easy communication between you and your customers
Customer management
View customer info including shipping and billing info
Payment Methods
Transparent and secured payment methods for your customers to use
Price Algorithm
Our price algorithm helps you to have the right price for your product.
Request a Quote
Customers can directly request a quote
Productivity and Efficiency
Manage each stage of the production to increase your Productivity and Efficiency
Fast Checkout
Customers can easily get their 3D files printed within a couple of clicks
Easy communication between you and your customers
Preview Features
Display 3D models to clients before 3D printing them
Our Features

General settings

You get the freedom to select from different iframe and to personalise your tool with your branded colours