Please contact us with any other questions you may have

Setting up and Publishing

How do I install Shop3D?

Choose your platform here and follow the instructions on the relevant page. Contact us if you require further assistance

Which type of files can I use?

Currently we work with STL and OBJ files under 100mb

Can I hollow any of my files?

Please, read all the information about the hollowing here. Contact us if you’d still have questions

I don't know how to properly place supports on my models, could you help me?

You don’t need to worry about support. Your model as it is is the only thing required from you. Our engineers will sort out the rest

I don't have 3D files. What can I do?

We have a design team, who will be able to create any 3D files for you. Please, read all the information about CAD design here. Contact us if  you’d still have questions


What is the full list of your materials?

Please, read all the information about our materials here. Contact us if you require special materials which are not on the list

How can I reduce costs?

There are a few ways to do this, though this is really dependent on which material the product will be produced in – each material has their own unique benefits which can help to reduce costs on the manufacturing of your products. Please contact us to receive more information

Where do you produce?

We have our VIP vetted manufacturing facilities around the world and produce each product in the closest proximity to the final destination as possible to save you unnecessary shipping and production costs

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on materials, complexity of the design and location where the product is being delivered too. Please, contact us to get specific timeline for your products

What are your max print bed sizes?

We have various bed sizes available for different materials. If you are struggling publishing any of your files or have files for rather particularly large scale products, please contact us

Pricing and Payments

Is Shop3D free?

Yes. Shop3D is completely free of charge, no hidden cost involved

How much do you charge for 3D files?

We value each of our clients and follow individual approach. Please, contact us and let us know your ideas and requirements. Based on the quantity and complexity of the models required we will be able to provide you with the price

What about taxation?

If you are based outside of the UK, we do NOT charge you any taxes. You will have to set up their own tax settings dependent on where you are based. i.e if you are based in Germany, and  have a German client, you have to work out the German tax from within.

Does the consumer pay us, and then we pay you or does the consumer pay you and you rebate us back any margin we have added?

Consumer pays you in full, we charge you the same time as consumer pays. All the costs are given up front from our side (manufacturing + posting & packaging costs) while taxes are given to the Customer at the checkout.

If you refund them, how does that work if we have already split the revenue?

Full refund will be processed automatically to the card / any other source from where the payment came through

Drop Shipping

What are your return policies? For example can a customer return undamaged goods simply because they don’t like them?

No returns are available, but if a model arrives broken / damaged it will be refunded or reprinted.  If that happens, we would need pictures confirming the damage occurred. When confirmed, we will forward the products in the re-manufacturing right away

From a consumer point of view, do they feel they are buying from us – or is it clear they are buying from you?

We are your silent partner. All the parcels are shipped according to your requirements – white-labelled or branded with your design. Please, read all the information about drop shipping here. Contact us if you’d still have questions

Can you ship directly to my customers?

Yes. We are happy to assist you with drop shipping and send all the products directly to the final customer

Do you always send items tracked?

Yes. All shipments always have a tracking number


How does the payout process work?

We will pay out your profit once a month to the account you shared with us

What are the payment terms to get live?

We charge £100 per year to showcase on theshop3d.com – this is much cheaper than other Website hosting services and is a quick and easy fix to instantly get your shop front to start selling your prints + files.

Do you help with marketing at all?

We love sharing our creators work and do via our social media channels but ultimately it is your store front to push via your own channels. However by being part of our showcase website you will also be part of a growing community which should definitely help the traffic and your brand!

Can you sell digital files as well as physical on-demand prints?

Absolutely! Both are available for you to set up and both included in the £100 set up fee.

How do I start?

Please contact us today to get you set up. Once the fee is paid you can then instantly start sending our team your STL/OBJ Files and we will onboard you thoroughly including your chosen mark up and organizing samples.